Tuesday, February 21, 2012

no.5 (The Drive)

i've got a bit busy with the day job lately, so i'm a little behind.
apologies for that.
but here's number five, drawn in the freezing cold whilst sat on the wall of a house opposite. i think that the owner of the wall may have been a bit put out by my presence there, so apologies for that too.

the lyric is from 'i'll be your mirror'

soundtrack :

'you're not singing anymore' by the hands of the wrong people
'the first year after' by small houses
'encounter' by jon hopkins
'this time tomorrow' by hollie kenniff
'will you?' by hazel o'connor
'monsters theme' by jon hopkins
'i'll be your mirror' by the velvet underground & nico
'inner ohm' by biosphere
'with love' by elbow
'walk away renee (version)' by billy bragg

Friday, February 3, 2012

no.4 (Chandos Place)

it rained while i was drawing this house, and so the lyrics [from 'vicar in a tutu'] are appropriate. it was also freezing cold...

part of the reason for this project is for me to embrace our neighbourhood a bit - to seek out some of the streets and side roads that i wouldn't ordinarily wander down, and to get my head up and look around me a bit more.
an unforeseen side effect of this is that i'm having to be a bit choosy about the lyrics that i use in the prints.

i decided early on that i'd post a copy of each print - with a little note attached to explain the project - through the door of every house i drew, and it's dawned on me that i can't then write anything too bleak or awkward on the image.
nobody wants to anonymously receive a picture of their house with some doomy or vaguely depressing sentiment splattered across it.

so i'm looking to use just positive and upbeat lyrics from the ipod tunes.
given the music in my collection, that's quite a challenge :-)

soundtrack :

'greetings to the new brunette' by billy bragg
'opus 43' by dustin o'halloran
'automobile noise' by the blue nile
'vicar in a tutu' by the smiths
'here lies soleil, so long' by paul thomas saunders