Thursday, March 1, 2012

no.7 (Allerton Grove)

following on from that last post, here's a print made with some thought given to pattern.
i've been making lino prints for a couple of years now - beginning with my bus print project back in 2010 - and yet i'm still only just getting my head around the process. in particular, the process of translating the relaltively subtle,sketchy pencil lines of my drawings into the simpler, bolder designs that i'm cutting on the lino block.
i need to look for pattern and shape a bit more when i'm drawing these i think.

the lyric is from 'half-light' by trembling blue stars

soundtrack :

'bigger wheels' by i am kloot
'calling out your name again' by darren hayman and the secondary modern (feat. emmy the great)
'two star' by everything but the girl
'oceanside' by the decemberists
'moon on your dress' by terry hall
'half-light' by trembling blue stars
'intervention' by the arcade fire
'wish me well' by the blue nile
'no more sad songs' by trembling blue stars

no.6 (Brackenwood Drive)

the brackenwoods is an estate near where we live. i've walked through it hundreds of times, but in making the drawing for this print i noticed for the first time that the majority of houses there are built to this same design. i like the way that the householders have individualised their homes with porches and gates and gardening flourishes, and that's maybe something that i'll think about later on in the project, once i've explored a few more backroads round here.

i like the fence horizontal lines of the fence panels in this one. pattern is something that i maybe need to think more about as i draw and cut these images...

the lyric comes from 'rollercoaster' by everything but the girl

soundtrack :

'heatwave' by the blue nile
'lost souls' by doves
'cath...' by death cab for cutie
'wish the world away' by american music club
'rollercoaster' by everything but the girl
'love is' by american music club
'fearless (reprise)' by american music club
'cigarette' by ben folds five