Tuesday, January 24, 2012

no.3 (Denton Avenue)

relying more on the drawings now, and i'm reminded of something they taught us back on my foundation course [a looong time ago] - that drawing is about trying to understand an object - how it fits together, how it works.
i'm also relaxing enough to take more notice of the music on the ipod, and to maybe be a bit more intentional with that.
the lyrics are by elbow...

soundtrack :

'levi stubbs' tears' by billy bragg
'reunion' by stars
'superstar' and if we go to the west' by nina nastasia
'home' by american music club
'dumb i am' and 'the same day' by nina nastasia
'dear friends' by elbow
'bird of cuzco' by nina nastasia

Saturday, January 14, 2012

no.2 (North Park Grove)

drawn whilst leaning against a tree, and again completed with the aid of photos taken on my phone.
i've never walked past this house before, even though it's less than five minutes from our house. i'm starting to enjoy wandering locally and getting a bit lost whilst seeking out new places to amble...

the quote is from 'vapour trail' by ride, but again i was concentrating so hard on the drawing that i wasn't fully aware of the music on the ipod. maybe as i get more proficient with my drawing i'll be able to focus on the ipod a bit more...


'casimir pulaski day' by sufjan stevens
'vapour trail' by ride
'jerusalem' by the fall
'ugly face' by nina nastasia
'one old woman' by nina nastasia
'release the bats' by the birthday party
'proof' by i am kloot

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

no.1 (Roper Avenue)

there's a bench on the corner where i sat there to draw this house.
i also tried to stand opposite the house-front to sketch, but i was hampered by drifting clouds of spray from guy cleaning his taxi and bins with his pressure washer :-)

the quote is from 'to earth with love' by gay dad and it seemed an apposite one to start things off with.
in truth i was having to concentrate so hard on the drawing that i wasn't really listening to the ipod - a reminder of just how out of practice i am when it comes to observational drawing and why i need to do this sort of thing in the first place.
i used photos taken on my phone to help me make the print back in the studio, and i'm hoping that as the project goes on i'll use the camera less and be able to rely on my drawings more.

'beach party' by jonny
'will you?' by hazel o'connor
'emily kane' by art brut
'silent sigh' by badly drawn boy
'we never talked' by nina nastasia
'bros' by panda bear
'she just couldn't stay' by trembling blue stars
'the final arrears' by mull historical society
'to earth with love' by gay dad