Tuesday, January 10, 2012

no.1 (Roper Avenue)

there's a bench on the corner where i sat there to draw this house.
i also tried to stand opposite the house-front to sketch, but i was hampered by drifting clouds of spray from guy cleaning his taxi and bins with his pressure washer :-)

the quote is from 'to earth with love' by gay dad and it seemed an apposite one to start things off with.
in truth i was having to concentrate so hard on the drawing that i wasn't really listening to the ipod - a reminder of just how out of practice i am when it comes to observational drawing and why i need to do this sort of thing in the first place.
i used photos taken on my phone to help me make the print back in the studio, and i'm hoping that as the project goes on i'll use the camera less and be able to rely on my drawings more.

'beach party' by jonny
'will you?' by hazel o'connor
'emily kane' by art brut
'silent sigh' by badly drawn boy
'we never talked' by nina nastasia
'bros' by panda bear
'she just couldn't stay' by trembling blue stars
'the final arrears' by mull historical society
'to earth with love' by gay dad

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