Sunday, April 29, 2012

no.8 (Chandos Avenue)

this house has big conifers growing very close to the front windows.
i need to find a way of drawing the foliage better i think, especially as everything starts to bloom and blossom...

 the lyrics are from 'let's go out tonight' by the blue nile.

 soundtrack: '

if not i'll just die' by lambchop
'you masculine you' by lambchop
'sports car' by the wedding present
'girlfriend in a coma' by the smiths
'apology song' by the decemberists
'let's go out tonight' by the blue nile

Friday, April 20, 2012


sadly, i've had to put things on hold with this project - it's due to a lot of work and other commitments which have left me with no time free to make prints :-(

[i think that i'll still make the drawings, and the lino cuts - i've got three here on the desk waiting for my attention - but maybe the weekly aspect of the project will have to go. it's already gone, actually!}