Tuesday, May 1, 2012

no.9 (Lidgett Grove)

this house interested me because of the patterns - a criss-crossed trellis wall and the strong horizontal lines of panelling across the front.
i've tried to simplify the shapes of the shrubbery and also make the shape of the large hedge with some patterning - not entirely sure that i've cracked that, if i'm honest.
and the bedroom light was on with the curtains open.
the lyrics come from the daniel johnston tune...

soundtrack :

'abandon window' by jon hopkins
'the boy with thge thorn in his side' by the smiths
'fragmented earth' by amman abbasi
'proof' by i am kloot
'white christmas' by the wedding present
'i don't mind' by the decemberists
'true love will find you in the end' by daniel johnston