Saturday, January 14, 2012

no.2 (North Park Grove)

drawn whilst leaning against a tree, and again completed with the aid of photos taken on my phone.
i've never walked past this house before, even though it's less than five minutes from our house. i'm starting to enjoy wandering locally and getting a bit lost whilst seeking out new places to amble...

the quote is from 'vapour trail' by ride, but again i was concentrating so hard on the drawing that i wasn't fully aware of the music on the ipod. maybe as i get more proficient with my drawing i'll be able to focus on the ipod a bit more...


'casimir pulaski day' by sufjan stevens
'vapour trail' by ride
'jerusalem' by the fall
'ugly face' by nina nastasia
'one old woman' by nina nastasia
'release the bats' by the birthday party
'proof' by i am kloot


  1. I really love these - a lovely idea/project (and I also love the music link too)... quite inspirational in fact. very many thanks

  2. aww - cheers stevieb :-)
    looking forward to seeing your architectural drawings, and maybe doing some swapsies...?
    also, are ruth's prints viewable anywhere yet...?

    1. swapsies sounds very good (pre-supposes that I have any to swap of course!!)... I think ruth's currently trying to make a record of stuff she's done and add it to the website (but we've all been incredibly pathetic at updating this website - we've PROMISED ourselves to become more disciplined!!)